"Reaching Colombia for Christ"


Providing Food for the Hungry

Preparing chicken spaghetti for the Rancheria

Providing Water to the Thirsty

ABM works with the Colombian Army to provide water deliveries to remote Rancherias.

Through generous donors, ABM will be able to dig up to 6 wells in La Guarjira in 2016.

Providing Clothes and Toys to the Children

In March 2016, ABM celebrated “Christmas in March with the children of La Guajira

Providing Love to Those Who Need It

Providing New Churches for Worship

For God’s Glory, two churches have been built to provide a place for Corporate worship.

Providing Sanitary Conditions by Building Latrines

Through generous donors, ABM has constructed five latrines in La Guajira

Presentation of the Jesus Film

ABM has provided video equipment to show the Jesus video.

Providing for Medical Needs