"Reaching Colombia for Christ"


Wow! An oasis in the desert.  We didn’t see that coming!  On one of ABM’s week long mission trips to minister to the Wayuu Peoples located in the Northeast desert region of Colombia, we went to a community (“Rancheria”) named Damasco.  Our purpose was to dedicate a new church and well that ABM had provided through your generous donations.  To our surprise, we found a lush green oasis in the middle of a dry desert.  Turns out that Damasco is growing food for its community by using the new well to irrigate a small section of land.

This is but one example of how the Well/Church projects are providing LIFE in the middle of this arid land.  The water from the Wells are providing clean drinking water, better sanitation and as we know now, the ability to help grow food.  Once a well is provided to Rancheria it can become self-sufficient and self-sustaining.  In addition, by showing God’s love and compassion through the digging of these Wells it has opened the doors to sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.  One of the Rancherias in which we provided a well refused to allow outsiders into their community.  They believed that all the outsiders cared about was taking their pictures and publicizing their poverty.  But as a result of digging the Well, this Rancheria allowed our mission team to come and visit.  During that visit we saw many people come to Christ!  I wish I could show you the joy those people experienced, but we took no pictures……….Again, in another Rancheria in which we provided a well, the Chief of the Rancheria was so moved by the love and compassion that was demonstrated by the digging of the Well, that he and his whole household accepted Christ as Lord and Savior.  In his joy, he personally constructed a place of worship for his Rancheria.

Churches are an integral part of the Well project.  ABM builds a church next to each well so that both physical water and spiritual water can be provided to each Rancheria. We are convinced that God’s primary means of relating to and transforming the world is the church.  Where there is no church, we work to start one.  We believe that as the Well and Church stand side by side it is a strong visualization of how God’s love is providing both physical and spiritual LIFE…….

ABM has been able to provide Wells and Churches to several Rancherias.  But, there are so many more Rancherias in need.  Your support of this Project is needed in order to reach the more than 400,000 Wayuu people living in La Guajira, Colombia.  We seek to care for every man, woman and child who has a desire to be ministered to and to be nurtured spiritually.  The focus of our Well/Church projects is simple, love the people with the passion and compassion of the Living God.  ABM does just that through His grace.  WE DO IT WITH YOU.  Won’t you please give a gift to support the Well/Church Projects in La Guajira? $2,500 digs a water well that will bring physical LIFE to a Rancheria.  $750 will build a church that brings spiritual LIFE to a Rancheria.  100% of all monies donated will go to meet the needs of the Wayuu people.